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    141 Careers related to Nursing

    Looking for careers related to Nursing? you are on the right page. Careers related to Nursing are those careers that involve assessing patient health problems and needs, and diagnosing and treating acute, episodic, or chronic illness, independently or as part of a healthcare team. Develop and implement nursing care plans, and maintain medical records. Administer nursing care to ill, injured, convalescent, or disabled patients. Advise patients on health maintenance and disease prevention, prescribe medication, and order, perform, or interpret diagnostic tests such as lab work and x-rays. May prescribe medication.


    Principal areas of job descriptions in careers related to Nursing include not limited to the following:

    • Keep abreast of regulatory processes and payer systems such as Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, and private sources.
    • Perform primary care procedures such as suturing, splinting, administering immunizations, taking cultures, and debriding wounds.
    • Diagnose or treat complex, unstable, comorbid, episodic, or emergency conditions in collaboration with other health care providers as necessary.
    • Treat or refer patients for primary care conditions, such as headaches, hypertension, urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections, and dermatological conditions.
    • Analyze and interpret patients’ histories, symptoms, physical findings, or diagnostic information to develop appropriate diagnoses.
    • Recommend diagnostic or therapeutic interventions with attention to safety, cost, invasiveness, simplicity, acceptability, adherence, and efficacy.
    • Educate patients about self-management of acute or chronic illnesses, tailoring instructions to patients’ individual circumstances.
    • Order, perform, or interpret the results of diagnostic tests, such as complete blood counts (CBCs), electrocardiograms (EKGs), and radiographs (x-rays).
    • Detect and respond to adverse drug reactions, with special attention to vulnerable populations such as infants, children, pregnant and lactating women, or older adults.



    141 Careers related to Nursing

    There are many careers related to Nursing, depending on your specializations and interests. See this page for majors related to Nursing. This list below is essential for those who want to explore what type of career they want in Nursing.

    1. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
    2. Adult Nurse Practitioner
    3. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
    4. Ambulatory Care Coordinator
    5. Cardiac Care Unit Nurse (CCU Nurse)
    6. Cardiac Nurse Specialist
    7. Cardiology Nurse Practitioner
    8. Case Manager
    9. Central Supply Nurse
    10. Certified Nurse Operating Room (CNOR)
    11. Certified Nurse Practitioner
    12. Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
    13. Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner
    14. Charge Nurse
    15. Circulating Nurse
    16. Clinical Nurse
    17. Clinical Nurse Specialist
    18. Clinical Supervisor
    19. Community Health Nurse
    20. Community Health Nurse Supervisor
    21. Consulting Nurse
    22. Coronary Care Unit Nurse (CCU Nurse)
    23. County Nurse
    24. Delivery Room Supervisor
    25. Dermatology Nurse Practitioner
    26. Dialysis Registered Nurse (Dialysis RN)
    27. Director of Nursing (DON)
    28. Discharge Planner
    29. Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice
    30. Electrophysiology Nurse Practitioner
    31. Emergency Department RN (Emergency Department Registered Nurse)
    32. Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner
    33. Emergency Room Nurse
    34. Endoscopy RN (Endoscopy Registered Nurse)
    35. Evening or Night Nurse Supervisor
    36. Family Health Nurse Practitioner
    37. Family Nurse Practitioner
    38. Family Practice Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
    39. Family Practice Nurse Practitioner
    40. Field Nurse
    41. Floor Supervisor
    42. Forensic Nurse
    43. Gastroenterology Nurse Practitioner
    44. General Duty Nurse
    45. Genetics Nurse
    46. Geriatric Care Manager
    47. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner
    48. Head Nurse
    49. Health Care Coordinator
    50. Health Unit Supervisor
    51. Home Health RN (Home Health Registered Nurse)
    52. Hospice Registered Nurse
    53. Industrial Nurse
    54. Industrial Registered Nurse
    55. Industrial Staff Nurse
    56. Infection Control Nurse
    57. Intensive Care Unit Nurse (ICU Nurse)
    58. Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse (ICU RN)
    59. Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner
    60. Lactation Consultant
    61. Legal Nurse Consultant
    62. Licensed Nurse Practitioner (LNP)
    63. Life Care Planner
    64. Maternity Floor Supervisor
    65. Maternity Nurse
    66. Medical/Surgery Registered Nurse (Med/Surg RN)
    67. Mid Wife
    68. Neonatal Intensive Care Registered Nurse (NICU RN)
    69. Neonatal Nurse
    70. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
    71. Nephrology Nurse
    72. Neurosurgical Nurse Practitioner
    73. Nurse Anesthetist
    74. Nurse Case Manager
    75. Nurse Clinician
    76. Nurse Consultant
    77. Nurse Coordinator
    78. Nurse Educator
    79. Nurse Practitioner
    80. Nurse Receptionist
    81. Nurse Technician
    82. Nurses Supervisor
    83. OB/GYN Nurse (Obstetrics/Gynecology Nurse)
    84. Obstetrical Nurse
    85. Obstetrics Nurse (OB Nurse)
    86. Obstetrics Scrub Nurse (OB Scrub Nurse)
    87. Obstetrics-Gynecology Nurse Practitioner
    88. Occupational Health Nurse
    89. Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor
    90. Occupational Nurse
    91. Oncology Nurse
    92. Oncology RN (Oncology Registered Nurse)
    93. Operating Room Nurse
    94. Operating Room Registered Nurse (OR RN)
    95. Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner
    96. Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner
    97. Patient Care Coordinator
    98. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
    99. Pediatric Oncology Nurse
    100. Perianesthesia Nurse
    101. Perinatal Nurse
    102. Perioperative Nurse
    103. Physical Therapy Nurse
    104. Post Anesthesia Care Unit Registered Nurse (PACU Nurse)
    105. Post Anesthesia Room Nurse
    106. Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Nurse
    107. Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Registered Nurse (PACU RN)
    108. Prenatal Nurse
    109. Private Duty Nurse
    110. Psychiatric Nurse
    111. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
    112. Psychiatric Registered Nurse
    113. Public Health Nurse (PHN)
    114. Public Health Staff Nurse
    115. Receptionist Nurse
    116. Recovery Room Nurse
    117. Registered Health Nurse
    118. Registered Nurse (RN)
    119. Registered Nurse Supervisor
    120. Registered Private Duty Nurse
    121. Registered Public Health Nurse
    122. Relief Charge Nurse
    123. School Nurse
    124. Scrub Nurse
    125. Special Duty Nurse
    126. Staff Nurse
    127. Student Nurse
    128. Supervisor Nurse
    129. Surgical First Assistant
    130. Surgical Nurse
    131. Surgical Supervisor
    132. Telephone Triage Nurse
    133. Transverse Abdominal Muscle Nurse (TRAM Nurse)
    134. Trauma Nurse
    135. Traveling Nurse
    136. Triage Register Nurse
    137. Visiting Nurse
    138. Ward Nurse
    139. Ward Supervisor
    140. Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner
    141. X-Ray Nurse

    Bachelor’s degree in nursing is enough for a career. Graduate-level programs are also available for individuals who did not obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing but in a related health science field. However, depending on your area of specialization, for example, Nurse practitioners, Nurse anesthetists, and Nurse midwives must earn at least a master’s degree in one of the specialty roles. APRNs must also be licensed registered nurses in their state and pass a national certification exam.