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    18 Majors related to Geography

    Looking for majors related to Geography? You are on the right page. Majors related to Geography are those majors that teach students to rigorously explore nature, researching interdependence between regions at scales ranging from local to global and use areas of the Earth’s surface, relating and interpreting interactions of physical and cultural phenomena. These majors generally focus on the study and interpretation of the past, including the gathering, recording, synthesizing, and criticizing of evidence and theories about past events.

    Principal areas of study within Geography majors include historical and political geography, archeology, history, cultural geography, economic and physical geography, regional science, cartographic methods, remote sensing, spatial analysis, and applications to areas such as land-use planning, development studies, and analyses of specific countries, regions, and resources, etc.

    There are 18 majors related to Geography. Instead of majoring in Geography, you can use the list of related majors below to narrow down your area of interest in Geography while also considering your goals, interests, and natural strengths.

    With respect to career, there are so many career options available for majors related to Geography. Extensive skills, knowledge, and experience are needed for this field. Many graduates go on to work as Construction managers, Landscape architects, Market researchers, Nature conservation officers, Cartographers, Town planners, Climatologist, Geomorphologist, Geospatial analyst, etc

    This list is very important for those who have no idea what type of career they want in Geography and what they need to learn or accomplish in order to be qualified for that career. Now let’s take a look at college majors that relate to Geography.


    Majors related to Geography

    1. Geobiology
    2. Geochemistry
    3. Geographic Information Science and Cartography
    4. Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences
    5. Geological/Geophysical Engineering
    6. Geology/Earth Science
    7. Geometry/Geometric Analysis
    8. Geophysics and Seismology
    9. Geosciences
    10. Earth & Mineral Sciences
    11. Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
    12. Signal/Geospatial Intelligence
    13. Land Use Planning and Management/Development
    14. Topology and Foundations
    15. Landscape Architecture
    16. Landscape Contracting
    17. Geography Education
    18. Urban and Regional Planning