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    40 Majors related to Nursing

    Degrees related to Nursing

    Majors related to Nursing are those majors that generally prepare students on promoting health, the prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled, and dying people of all ages, families, groups, and communities, sick or well, and in all settings. Advocacy, promotion of a safe environment, research, participation in shaping health policy and in patient and health systems management, and education.

    A nursing major generally prepares individuals with the knowledge, techniques, and procedures for promoting health, and providing care for sick, disabled, infirmed, or other individuals or groups.

    Nursing in itself is a very good major to acquire albeit very broad. Nursing is full of different types of nurses, patients, and work environments. Moreso, it is one of the most popular undergraduate major programs for students for want to go into the medical field. However, there are 40 related majors to Nursing. These majors are career-oriented. Instead of majoring in Nursing, you can use the list of related majors below to narrow down your area of interest in Nursing.

    This list is very important for those who have no idea what type of career they want in Nursing and what they need to learn or accomplish in order to be qualified for that career. Now let’s take a look at college majors that relate to Nursing.


    Majors related to Nursing

    1. Nursing Administration
    2. Nursing Assistant/Aide and Patient Care Assistant/Aide
    3. Anesthesiologist Assistant
    4. Perioperative/Operating Room and Surgical Nurse/Nursing
    5. Practical Nursing, Vocational Nursing and Nursing Assistants
    6. Public Health/Community Nurse/Nursing
    7. Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing
    8. Adult Health Nurse/Nursing
    9. Allied Health and Medical Assisting Services
    10. Community Health Services/Liaison/Counseling
    11. Community Health and Preventive Medicine
    12. Health Aide
    13. Health and Medical Administrative Services
    14. Health and Physical Education/Fitness
    15. Health and Wellness
    16. Health Communication
    17. Health Policy Analysis
    18. Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences
    19. Health Services Administration
    20. Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences
    21. Home Health Aide/Home Attendant
    22. Mental and Social Health Services and Allied Professions
    23. Mental Health Counseling/Counselor
    24. Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services
    25. Medical/Clinical Assistant
    26. Medication Aide
    27. Medical Reception/Receptionist
    28. Medical Office Assistant/Specialist
    29. Medical Office Management/Administration
    30. Child Care Provider/Assistant
    31. Clinical, Hospital, and Managed Care Pharmacy
    32. Clinical and Industrial Drug Development
    33. Clinical Counselling and Applied Psychology
    34. Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist
    35. Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist
    36. Clinical Psychology
    37. Clinical/Medical Laboratory Assistant
    38. Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science and Allied Professions
    39. Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician
    40. Clinical/Medical Social Work

    It is not enough to know majors related to nursing, ensure you carry out further research on colleges that offer these majors, career trends, and opportunities.