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    50 Majors related to Information Technology

    Majors related to Information Technology are those majors that generally equip students in the design and implementation of technological information systems, including computing systems, developing collaboration, communications, and real-world technical skills in addition to building knowledge about the principles of programming, database design, and computer networking and operating systems.

    Information Technology is very broad, encompassing computer hardware and software components, algorithms, databases, telecommunications, web development, user tactics, application testing, human interface design, networking; systems planning and design; human interfacing and use analysis; database development, communications; radio, television, and digital media production etc.

    There are 50 majors related to Information Technology and most of which are career-oriented. Instead of majoring in Information Technology, you can use the list of related majors below to narrow down your area of interest in Information Technology while also considering your goals, interests, and natural strengths.

    With respect to career, there are so many career options available for majors related to Information Technology. Extensive skills, knowledge, and experience are needed for this field. Career options are Computer Service Technician, Cyber Security Specialist, Data Analyst, Data Centre Technician, Data Scientist, Application Developer, Systems Analysts,  Software Developer, Cloud Computing Engineer etc

    This list is very important for those who have no idea what type of career they want in Information Technology and what they need to learn or accomplish in order to be qualified for that career. Now let’s take a look at college majors that relate to Information Technology.


    Majors related to Information Technology

    1. Computer and Information Sciences
    2. Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
    3. Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance
    4. Computer Engineering
    5. Computer Engineering Technology/Technician
    6. Computer Graphics
    7. Computer Hardware Engineering
    8. Computer Hardware Technology/Technician
    9. Computer Installation and Repair Technology/Technician
    10. Computer Networking/Telecommunications
    11. Computer Numerically Controlled (Cnc) Machinist Technology/Cnc Machinist
    12. Computer Programming
    13. Computer Programming, Specific Applications
    14. Computer Programming, Vendor/Product Certification
    15. Computer Programming/Programmer
    16. Computer Science
    17. Computer Software and Media Applications
    18. Computer Software Engineering
    19. Computer Software Technology/Technician
    20. Computer Support Specialist
    21. Computer System Administration
    22. Computer Systems Analysis/Analyst
    23. Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications
    24. Computer Teacher Education
    25. Computer Technology/Computer Systems Technology
    26. Computer/Information Technology Services Administration and Management
    27. Cyber/Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism
    28. Cyber/Electronic Operations and Warfare
    29. Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations
    30. Cytotechnology/Cytotechnologist
    31. Data Entry/Microcomputer Applications
    32. Medical Office Computer Specialist/Assistant
    33. Human Computer Interaction
    34. Mathematics and Computer Science
    35. Accounting and Computer Science
    36. Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design
    37. Geographic Information Science and Cartography
    38. Information Operations/Joint Information Operations
    39. Information Resources Management
    40. Information Science/Studies
    41. Information Sciences and Technology
    42. Information Systems
    43. Information Technology Project Management
    44. Intelligence, Command Control and Information Operations
    45. Library and Information Science
    46. Management Information Systems
    47. Management Information Systems and Services
    48. Military Information Systems Technology
    49. Web Page, Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design
    50. Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster