20 Careers related to Biotechnology

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Looking for careers related to Biotechnology? you are on the right page. Careers related to Biotechnology are those careers that transcend medical biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, plant biotechnology, cellular biotechnology, fermentation biotechnology, food biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, and bioinformatics. This field revolves around utilizing biological systems with technology to develop a product or a process.

Principal areas of job descriptions in careers related to Biotechnology include not limited to the following:

  • Conduct chemical analyses of body fluids, such as blood or urine, using a microscope or automatic analyzer to detect abnormalities or diseases and enter findings into the computer.
  • Perform medical research to further control or cure disease.
  • Design and implement research studies
  • Develop new research procedures
  • Work with lab technicians on research findings
  • Set up the laboratory equipment to conduct and monitor experiments
  • Collect, study and test samples such as food, cells, tissues, blood samples, bacteria cultures, and living organisms
  • Recording findings and analyzing the results
  • Identifying how the research can be applied to improving human life
  • Test raw materials, processes, or finished products to determine quality or quantity of materials or characteristics of a substance.
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20 Careers related to Biotechnology

There are many careers related to Biotechnology, depending on your specializations and interests. See this page forĀ majors related to Biotechnology. This list below is essential for those who want to explore what type of career they want in Biotechnology.

  1. Biochemist
  2. Biological Science Teachers, Postsecondary
  3. Biomanufacturing Specialist
  4. Biomedical Engineer
  5. Biopharma Sales Representative
  6. Bioproduction Specialist
  7. Biotechnological Technician
  8. Business Development Manager
  9. Clinical Research Coordinators
  10. Clinical Technician
  11. Epidemiologist
  12. Medical Scientist
  13. Medical and Clinical Lab Technologist
  14. Microbiologist
  15. Molecular and Cellular Biologists
  16. Natural Sciences Managers
  17. Process Development Scientist
  18. Product Strategist
  19. R&D Scientist
  20. Water Resource Specialists

A bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology or in a related field is needed for the careers mentioned above. Many jobs require a master’s degree or a Ph.D. and also may require significant levels of work experience. Most Biotechnologists work full-time. Many Biotechnologists who work in facilities that operate around the clock, such as hospitals and some independent laboratories, may work evening, weekend, or overnight hours.

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