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Looking for research topics related to Social Work? this page might help you come up with ideas. Research topics are subjects or issues researchers are interested in when conducting research. A well-defined research topic is the starting point of every successful research project. Choosing a topic is an ongoing process by which researchers explore, define, and refine their ideas.

There are many research topics related to Social Work, depending on your specialization and interests. The topics below are only for guides. We do not encourage writing on any of them because thousands of people visit this page also to get an idea of what topics to write on.

Social Work program prepares individuals for the professional practice of social welfare administration and counseling and that focus on the study of organized means of providing basic support services for vulnerable individuals and groups. The primary purposes of research topics related to Social Work are to inform action, gather evidence for theories, and solutions to problems, and contribute to developing knowledge.


80 Research topics related to Social Work

  • Adopting A Teenager- Hardships And Happiness Connected To It.
  • Adoption Recruitment Campaigns And Their Effectiveness.
  • America’s Food Bank System And Racial Disparity.
  • An Evaluation Of Vaping And E-Cigarettes
  • An Examination Of Using Telehealth For Addiction Treatment
  • Analyzing The Social Functioning In Adults With Autism.
  • Best Ways To Offer Support To Bipolar Patients.
  • Can Police Brutality Promote Transformative Change?
  • Challenges Faced By Minority Children At Their Foster Homes.
  • Co-Occurring Mental Health And Substance Use Disorders
  • Consequences Of Incarcerated People Reentering Their Community.
  • Consequences Of Living With Parents Suffering From Alzheimer’s.
  • Discuss The Downfall Of America’s Correctional System.
  • Discuss The Psychological And Social Impact Of Student Loans.
  • Discuss The Stress Response In Children With Autism.
  • Discuss The Suicide Prevention Protocols In Your Locality.
  • Drug Rehabilitation Program- Pros And Cons.
  • Economic Difficulties And Complex Grief.
  • Exploring The Client-Therapist Relationship- Psychiatric Therapist.
  • Has The Police System Been Abolished, Reformed, Or Defunded?
  • Housing Abandonment And Societal Opinion- Evaluate.
  • How Can The Support System For LGBTQ+ Kids Be Improved?
  • How Could Support Be Offered To Adults With A Disability?
  • How Policy And Public Administration Can Contribute To National Development
  • How To Enhance Cancer Screening Rates In Lower Socio-Economic Class.
  • Impact Of Physical And Verbal Abuse In The Lives Of Children.
  • Influence Of Home Insecurity On Homelessness.
  • Influence Of Substance Abuse On Parenting.
  • Misuse Of Substances Gives Rise To Alcoholism- Critically Analyze The Statement.
  • Pregnant Incarcerated Mother- Emotional, Psychological, And Physical Effect.
  • Rise In Obesity In America- Ways To Deal With It.
  • Role Of Technology In Addiction Treatment.
  • Secondary Traumatic Stress And The Risk Factors Associated With It.
  • Should The Incarceration System Be Abolished Or Reformed?
  • Spousal Intimacy And Physical Abuse.
  • The Cause And Problem Of Grief And Addiction
  • The Effect Of Driving Under The Influence Of Cannabis
  • The Effect Of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
  • The Effect Of Substance Use Disorders Among Military Populations
  • The Environment Factor And Patient In Trauma-Responsive Care
  • The Impact Of Community Violence On The Lives Of The LGBTQ Along With The Community.
  • The Impact Of Environmental Factor On Youth Peer Recovery Support
  • The Impact Of Government Funding On Health Care Professionals And Mental Health
  • The Importance Of Virtual Intensive Outpatient Outcomes
  • The Percentage Of Incarcerated Adults From The Minority Group.
  • The Possible Solution On The Brain Disease Model Of Addiction
  • The Role Of Private Doctors Helping Families Cope With Addiction
  • The Role Of Social Welfare Services On Broken Homes
  • What Is The Cause Of Depression Among The Youth?
  • Appraisal Of Social Responsibility Practice By Nigerian Corporate Organizations
  • Broadcast News Commentaries As A Strategy For Social Change
  • Causes And Effects Of Commercial Sex Work
  • Childlessness And Socio-Cultural Impact On Married Couples
  • Children And Mass Media The Role Of Mass Media In Childhood Socialization
  • Culture And Women Subjection
  • Determinants Of Induced Abortion Among Undergraduate Students
  • Effect Of Adequate Staff Welfare Package On Worker Productivity
  • Effect Of Drug Abuse Among Undergraduates
  • Effect Of Social Responsibility On Business Organization
  • Ethical And Social Responsibility Of The Purchasing Practice In Industries
  • Impact Of Employee Welfare Services
  • Influence Of Environment On The Academic Performance Of Students
  • Influence Of Reward Administration On Total Quality Management Implementation
  • Knowledge And Attitude Of Undergraduate Students Towards Homosexuality And Its Implication On Social Adjustment
  • Management Of Employee Welfare With Emphasis On Industrial Accident And Safety
  • Media Staff Welfare And Effective Journalism
  • Nature And Consequences Of Juvenile Delinquency
  • Practice Of Corporate Social Responsibilities In The Brewery Industry
  • Prison And Crime Control
  • Social Accounting As A Method Of Assessing The Impact Of Development Activations
  • Social Responsibility Of Nigerian Companies
  • Substance Abuse Among Undergraduate Students.
  • The Contribution Of Youth Organizations To Community Development
  • The Effect Of Gender Inequality On Women’s Employment Opportunity
  • The Effect Of Street Hawking Among Teenage Girls
  • The Impact Of Incentives (Welfare Scheme) On The Performance Of Workers
  • The Internal Auditing As An Instrument For Effective Management
  • The Problems Encountered By Social Workers In Social Work Practice
  • The Role Of Mass Media In Educational Development
  • Women’s Empowerment And Community Development
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