50 Research topics related to Political Science

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Looking for research topics related to Political Science? this page might help you come up with ideas. Research topics are subjects or issues researchers are interested in when conducting research. A well-defined research topic is the starting point of every successful research project. Choosing a topic is an ongoing process by which researchers explore, define, and refine their ideas.

There are many research topics related to Political Science, depending on your specialization and interests. The topics below are only for guides. We do not encourage writing on any of them because thousands of people visit this page also to get an idea of what topics to write on.

Political Science program focuses on the systematic study of political institutions and behavior. The primary purposes of research topics related to Political Science are to inform action, gather evidence for theories, and solutions to problems, and contribute to developing knowledge.


50 Research topics related to Political Science

  • An Appraisal Of The Role Of The Government In Poverty Alleviation In [Location]
  • An Assessment Of Democratic Governance In The Fight Against Corruption In The Presidential System In [Location]
  • An Assessment Of The Marxist Doctrine Of Alienation And It’S Relevance To The [Location] Society
  • An Investigation Into The Relationship Between Personnel Management And Local Government Administration
  • Assessment Of Dividend Of Politics In [Location]
  • Attitudes Of Undergraduate Youths Toward Democratic Values: Implication For Social Studies
  • Causes, Effect, And Possible Solution To Election Violence In [Location];
  • Devolution Of Powers Controversy And National Development In [Location]
  • Doctrine Of Separation Of Powers In A Democratic Dispensation
  • Domestic Politics And It’S Implication Of [Location] Foreign Policy
  • Economic Dependency And Third World Under Development. [Location] Experience.
  • Effect And Causes Of Political Apathy In [Location]; A Case Study Of Governorship Election
  • Effect Of Social Media In The Election Case Study Of [Location].
  • Electoral Fraud And Electoral Violence And National Security In [Location]
  • Examination Of Prison Administration And Crime Prevention In [Location].
  • Evaluation Of The Linkage Between Civil Service Reform And Human Resources Development In [Location]
  • Federalism And National Integration In [Location]: Issues And Challenges
  • Federalism And The Problem Of Minority Question In [Location]
  • Fiscal Federalism And [Location] Federalism
  • Foreign Aid And Its Impact On Socio-Economic Development In [Location]
  • Gender Inequalities And Female Participation In Politics
  • Gender Inequality And Career Progression Using The [Location] Police Force
  • Gender Inequality And Women’s Participation In Politics: The [Location] Experience
  • Godfatherism And Credible Electoral Process In [Location]
  • High Cost Of Electioneering In [Location]
  • Impact Of Refugee Crisis On Human Security In West Africa
  • Insecurity, A Threat To National Development
  • Impact Of Government Policies In Regulating The Activities Of [Location] Insurance Industry On Your Company
  • Leadership And Good Governance In [Location]: Issues And Prospects For National Development
  • Marine Pollution In Sub Saharan Africa: Analysis Of The Impacts To Shipping Operations And Marine Environment
  • Material Resource Handling And Utilization In Government Organisation.
  • Non -Violent Revolution As A Means Of Democratic Change In Africa: A Case Study Of [Location].
  • Oil Subsidy Removal And National Development
  • Patron -Client   Politics And National Development In [Location]
  • Political Elites And Development Crises In [Location]
  • Problems And Prospects Of Revenue Generation By The Government
  • Propaganda In Politics: The Use Of Language For Effect In Electioneering Campaign
  • Political Corruption And Its Effect In The [Location] Government And Politics
  • Relationship Between Democratization And Corruption In [Location]
  • Religious Harmony And Sustenance Of Democracy In [Location]
  • Revenue Allocation And Political Stability In [Location]
  • Role Of Local Government Internal Revenue As It Promotes Social Economic Development.
  • Rural Development, A Means Of Combating Rural Urban Migration
  • Social Media And Democratic Consolidation In [Location]
  • Social Media And Presidential Election In [Location]
  • The Role Of Civic Education In Curbing Electoral Malpratices In [Location]
  • The Role Of Local Government In Rural Development In [Location]
  • True Federalism: A Panacea For Rapid Growth In [Location]
  • United Nations Declaration On Girl Child Rights And Its Implications On African Culture
  • Voter Behaviour And The Electoral Process In [Location]
  • Women In Politics A Case Study Of The Fourth Republic
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