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Looking for majors related to Food? You are on the right page. Majors related to Food are those majors that blend biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and nutrition to solve the problems of developing a safe, healthy, and nutritious food supply for people everywhere. These majors generally focus on food production and processing, utilization of food for human growth, and metabolism, in both normal and dysfunctional states, from the interdisciplinary perspective of the agricultural, human, biological, and biomedical sciences.

Principal areas of study within Food related majors include biochemistry, physiology, dietetics, food and nutrition studies, biotechnology, biophysics, the clinical sciences, human physiology and nutrition, food chemistry, agricultural products processing, food additives, food preparation and packaging, food storage and shipment, and related aspects of human health and safety including toxicology and pathology.

There are 25 majors related to Food most of which are career oriented. Instead of majoring in Food, you can use the list of related majors below to narrow down your area of interest in Food while also considering your goals, interests, and natural strengths.

With respect to career, there are so many career options available for majors related to Food. A considerable amount of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is needed for this field. Many graduates go on to work as Chefs, Nutritionists, Quality assurance managers, Food Microbiologists, Food Scientists and Technologist, Food Science Technician, Extension Agents and Specialists, and Consumer Safety Officer

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This list is very important for those who have no idea what type of career they want in Food and what they need to learn or accomplish in order to be qualified for that career. Now let’s take a look at college majors that relate to Food.


Majors related to Food

  • Institutional Food Workers
  • Restaurant/Food Services Management
  • Agricultural and Food Products Processing
  • Food Preparation/Professional Cooking/Kitchen Assistant
  • Food Science
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Food Service, Waiter/Waitress, and Dining Room Management/Manager
  • Food Technology and Processing
  • Foods, Nutrition, and Related Services
  • Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies
  • Foodservice Systems Administration/Management
  • Dairy Husbandry and Production
  • Dairy Science
  • Agribusiness
  • Personal and Culinary Services
  • Restaurant, Culinary, and Catering Management/Manager
  • Cooking and Related Culinary Arts
  • Culinary Arts and Related Services
  • Culinary Arts/Chef Training
  • Culinary Science/Culinology
  • Poultry Science
  • Packaging Science
  • Microbiology
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