17 Majors related to History

majors related to

Looking for majors related to History? You are on the right page. Majors related to History are those majors that teach students to rigorously explore the past, preparing them to be critical thinkers and writers who understand society’s complexities. These majors generally focus on the study and interpretation of the past, including the gathering, recording, synthesizing, and criticizing of evidence and theories about past events.

Principal areas of study within History majors include historiography; historical research methods; architectural theory, studies of specific periods, issues, and cultures; and applications to areas such as historic preservation, public policy, records administration, archives and records management, services and history projects, and records facilities, etc.

There are 17 majors related to History. Instead of majoring in History, you can use the list of related majors below to narrow down your area of interest in History while also considering your goals, interests, and natural strengths.

With respect to career, there are so many career options available for majors related to History. Extensive skills, knowledge, and experience are needed for this field. Many graduates go on to work as Researcher, Archivist, Heritage managers, Historic buildings inspectors/conservation officers, Museum education officers, Park rangers, Reporter or journalists, Librarian, History professor, Historian etc

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This list is very important for those who have no idea what type of career they want in History and what they need to learn or accomplish in order to be qualified for that career. Now let’s take a look at college majors that relate to History.


Majors related to History

  • American History (United States)
  • Military History
  • Music History, Literature, and Theory
  • Theatre Literature, History and Criticism
  • Public/Applied History
  • Architectural History and Criticism
  • Art History, Criticism and Conservation
  • European History
  • History and Philosophy Of Science and Technology
  • History Teacher Education
  • Historic Preservation and Conservation
  • Library and Archives Assisting
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • International Relations
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